If you’re a small business owner, you have probably taken a look at your small business bookkeeping at one time or another and wondered, “Why do I pay so many taxes?”

Too many company owners attempt to cut costs elsewhere to compensate for their high tax rate. But there’s a smarter way to approach this problem: by formulating a tax strategy that aims to minimize the overall tax burden to your business. And that’s where TriCPS can help.

TriCPS Provides Small Business Accounting Services

TriCPS employs some of the most highly-skilled small business accountants in the country. These professionals work hard to stay abreast of the ever-changing federal and state tax codes, laws, and regulations. The business accounting specialists at TriCPS are experts not only in helping your business remain tax compliant, but also in developing tax planning strategies than can help your company save money when tax time rolls around.

If you partner with TriCPS, we can help you and your small business:

  • lower income taxes to hold on to more of the revenue you earn
  • defer income in order to keep more of your money and pay lower taxes at a later date
  • preserve and grow your assets by preventing the federal government from taxing them
  • reduce taxes on your estate, investments, and gifts
  • minimize taxes on retirement plans so that you and your employees can actually retire in the future

TriCPS Can Also File Personal Income Taxes

In addition, TriCPS can also assist small business owners with their personal income tax filing (since their personal assets are often intertwined with their business). Some money-saving strategies suggested by TriCPS include:

  • maximizing deductions, especially in areas which you might not be aware of
  • deferring tax liabilities through 401(k) contribution plans and similar investments
  • investing in ventures that produce tax-exempt income
  • shifting expenses or income from one year to another to reduce taxation rates
  • dividing income among entities or family members so that it falls within a lower tax bracket

However, implementing the bulk of these tax planning strategies must take place as soon as possible, rather than waiting to do so as taxes become due. So it’s important to engage the tax planning services offered by TriCPS now so you can keep more money away from the taxman later.

If you are a small business in West Palm Beach, Miami, or Fort Lauderdale, or anywhere in the United States and want to learn more about how your tax burden can be reduced, contact TriCPS today. You can contact us online or call us directly at 954-351-0336 to set up a free one-on-one consultation.