There’s no doubt about it, physician, medical and dental practice financial valuations are extremely complex.  There’s more to it than just pulling up the latest financial reports of a business and reviewing their income statements and profitability index.  Analyzing the multiple particulars that reveal the true financial picture of a business is an elite skillset that only specialized firms handle – TriCPS is one of those firms.

The professionals at TriCPS have the proven expertise in financial analysis and valuation for mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, business valuations, tactical planning and more.

Purposes for Medical Practice Valuations

We understand that growing a business through the tactical strategy of merging with other businesses can prove to be beneficial to all parties – if the mergers are financially solid. We have the background and tenacity to evaluate and research all financial areas of a business to provide our clients with the correct and up-to-date intelligence on a potential partner.

If a business is in the market to sell, we have found that a majority of businesses do not know the true value of their organization.  That’s where TriCPS comes in.  Our team thoroughly reviews all financial areas of existing businesses to give our clients the leverage they need for strong selling negotiations.

Restructuring is another critical area where businesses need the accurate financial intelligence to successfully streamline or reorganize their firm.  Knowing the financial strengths and weaknesses of a business eliminates costly and vague corporate decisions.

Transferring ownership of your practice?  Having the most current and up-to-date valuation will prove critical for a successful physician practice acquisition.

Medical practice valuations have also been beneficial to organizations for the purpose of medical tax planning.  Our precise and detailed valuations provide the financial data needed for accurate tax planning.

Having the right financial valuation for a medical practice when planning an estate is essential.  TriCPS has worked with countless individuals in order to research and provide the true valuation of a company or practice.

With TriCPS, our valuations are accurate, up-to-date, reliable and thoroughly researched.  There’s no guessing or wondering if something had been overlooked; nothing escapes the seasoned team of experts at TriCPS.  We offer services in Broward, West Palm Beach and Miami-Dade, not only are we your neighbors, we meticulously adhere to local and state laws and policies. Additionally, we assist practices in other states and localities here in the US.

Medical Practice Valuation Proficiencies

Our proficiencies provide a solid evaluation of a business’ worth for the purposes of:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Restructuring
  • Purchase Price allocations
  • Succession Preparation
  • Matrimonial Litigation
  • Medical Taxes
  • Bankruptcy
  • Royalty Rate Analyses
  • Employee Compensation Findings
  • Investment Analysis
  • Estate Planning
  • Gift Taxation
  • Solvency Estimations
  • Shareholder Buyouts
  • Shareholder Litigation

Presenting a thoroughly researched valuation provides our clients the intelligence and confidence necessary to capitalize on their investment strategies.

TriCPS is an expert in medical practice valuation, healthcare management and medical consulting solutions in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm Beach and the rest of the United States.  Call us for your one-on-one consultation at 954-351-0336 or contact us online.