Providing health care to a community is more than just practicing sound medicine. It’s about running a medical practice that is financially viable and efficiently operated. But between dealing with insurance companies, ordering supplies, resolving staff disputes, and remaining compliant with ever-changing regulations, doctors may not be able to devote the necessary time and attention to their patients.

TriCPS has been offering high-quality medical consulting services for physician practices and health care facilities in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and all over the United States for many years. Our team of compliance experts, small business accounting professionals, and strategic planners are ready to help your practice reduce costs, improve revenues, and prepare for future growth. So if you own or operate a medical facility, why not concentrate on helping and healing your patients and let TriCPS take care of everything else?

From medical accounting to human resource management to practice planning and assessments, the medical consulting professionals at TriCPS can help your medical practice expand and thrive. To set up a free consultation, contact TriCPS online or by calling 954-351-0336.

  • Starting a Practice

    Opening up your own health care practice or joining another medical group can be challenging and scary. Let TriCPS help you formulate a business plan, obtain financing and startup capital, negotiate with property managers and vendors, and become compliant with all federal, state, and local laws. For medical practices who want to be successful, partnering with TriCPS is a savvy first step.

  • Physician Income Guarantees

    Physicians who begin practicing at new facilities or in new geographic areas can have trouble obtaining funds while trying to attract new patients and gain referrals. Oftentimes, a physician income guarantee from a hospital or other health care facility can provide much-needed capital until the new practice can stand on its own. TriCPS can help you secure a physician income guarantee arrangement and negotiate favorable repayment terms – so you can concentrate on building your practice.

  • Growth Strategies

    Doctors who are working hard to keep their medical practice running smoothly may not have time to figure out how to grow and expand their business. The healthcare management consultants at TriCPS have the experience to prepare strategic business plans that are tailored to the specific needs of every medical practice; and also have extensive knowledge about what’s needed to execute those plans successfully. TriCPS will provide operational assessments of medical practices to determine their strengths, find growth opportunities, and identify ways to make the business more efficient.

  • Physician Practice Acquisitions

    Many times, mergers between physician practices can create additional revenue enhancements, growth opportunities, and economies of scale to reduce costs for both businesses. TriCPS can help you navigate through the practice acquisition process by valuating your business, drawing up corporate structural documents, and negotiating partnership agreements. TriCPS can even facilitate the transition for private practices to merge with a hospital or other health care facility.

  • Managed Care Contract Negotiation

    Doctors, hear this: when it comes to declining third-party reimbursements, you are not powerless to do anything about it! You can let TriCPS negotiate your managed care contracts with insurance companies or similar providers in order to maximize your reimbursements – even if your current contract is not yet up for renewal. That’s because TriCPS healthcare consultants are experts at finding new ways for practices to improve earnings, eliminate unwanted discounts, and receive timelier reimbursements from third-party payors.

  • Medical Staff Planning

    A health care practice won’t be successful without good people, so it’s important for facility managers to employ skilled, highly-motivated individuals. TriCPS can assist in medical staff planning by locating and interviewing potential candidates, drawing up compensation packages, and providing training and orientation services for new hires. In addition, TriCPS can help design a strategic physician recruitment program, continuously assess the performance of current employees, and identify near-term and long-term personnel needs.

  • Practice Management Analysis

    Exactly how do you know if your medical practice is performing as well as it can be? To answer that question, let TriCPS conduct a comprehensive practice management analysis, which can evaluate just how well your medical staff is working to achieve the objectives set forth by management. Also, TriCPS can analyze other aspects of the business – such as billing, supply procurement, and regulatory compliance – with the goal of improving efficiency and eliminating wasteful spending.

  • Insurance Credentialing

    Before you can begin practicing medicine at a new facility or in a new location, you may need to complete the insurance credentialing process. TriCPS can guide physicians through the cumbersome and bureaucratic processes involved in securing the necessary insurance credentials in order to begin accepting patients who are on those health care plans. The consultants at TriCPS can help you gather the necessary documentation, request the necessary applications, file the paperwork in advance of deadlines, and monitor the status of your insurance credentials.

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