If you own a company, here’s a question for you: how much is your small business actually worth?

Chances are, you don’t think about this concept most of the time. Sure, you can compute revenues to see how much business you take in, calculate net income for tax purposes, or even assess your property to determine the real estate values. But none of these figures are accurate enough to cover the overall value of your business.

Because determining the value of a business is not an exact science. It takes sound judgment, a keen evaluation of market conditions, and a vast amount of experience in order to weigh all the relevant factors and formulate an accurate figure.

If you are in need of a small business valuation, you should contact the valuation professionals at TriCPS.

When Do You Need a Business Valuation?

TriCPS has the knowledge and expertise to perform a valuation of your small business for whatever purpose you may have, such as:

  • Bank financing or financial restructuring and capitalization
  • Sale or purchase of closely-held practices or business interests
  • Leveraged buyout transactions or managed buyouts
  • Assessment and computation of business damage
  • Mediation, binding arbitration, or court-appointed valuation
  • Employee stock ownership plans or minority shareholder litigation or disputes
  • Assessment of divisions, subsidiaries, and joint ventures for sale to another entity or spinoff to shareholders
  • Litigation consulting services in preparation for depositions or cross-examination of valuation experts
  • Bankruptcy or solvency analysis
  • Fraudulent conveyance disputes
  • Equitable distribution determination in divorce proceedings
  • Reasonable officer compensation calculation in IRS disputes
  • Advice and analysis regarding pending purchase offers

In order to understand the precise value of your company, TriCPS strives to learn about the details, unique facets, and inner workings of your business. By analyzing historical data and closely examining your operations, TriCPS has the capability to develop a defensible and well-reasoned valuation opinion.

Valuing Your Business for the Future

Many company owners also like to have a business valuation performed so that they can better plan for the future. For instance, if you are thinking about purchasing a company or merging with another entity, a business valuation would be invaluable information to have. TriCPS is happy to tailor its business valuation methods in keeping with these potential goals.

If you are in need of the business valuation services of TriCPS, feel free to set up a one-on-one consultation with our experts. You can contact us online to make an appointment or call us directly at 954-351-0336.