You’ve heard the saying many times before: “An organization is only as good as its people.” That’s even truer in health care, where physicians, medical staff, and office personnel interact with patients on a more intimate basis than in almost every other industry. If a medical practice is not staffed with the right people, patients are likely to go elsewhere – and revenues will suffer.

Medical Staffing Functions

TriCPS can help your physician practice locate, screen, hire, and retain the personnel you need to allow your business to succeed. Some of the functions that TriCPS can carry out include:

  • Placing employment ads in various print and online publications
  • Perusing resumes to identify qualified candidates
  • Interviewing potential candidates
  • Performing background checks and credential verification on applicants
  • Overseeing new employee paperwork
  • Providing orientation for new staff members

Physician Practice Staff Assessment

Even if your practice isn’t actively seeking new people, TriCPS can still provide valuable human resources services for your practice. For example, TriCPS can complete a comprehensive assessment of your existing staff. This assessment can give you a clearer picture of your practice’s current strengths and shortcomings.

TriCPS can use this information to formulate projections of recruitment priorities in both the near-term and the future. Such priorities can be shaped by an increase or decrease in the demand for certain services, as well as the estimated retirement dates of your current personnel. Having these projections can enable you to prepare to fill openings before they become vacant.

Physician Recruitment

Recruiting physicians can be difficult in today’s health care environment, and TriCPS can assist you in meeting those challenges. Since competition for skilled doctors can be fierce, TriCPS can prepare your practice by setting up an aggressive and diverse physician recruitment program that includes attractive physician compensation packages. The physician recruiters of TriCPS will help locate talented medical personnel whether they are working in other health care facilities, completing medical school, or looking to relocate to your area.

Retention Programs

Since turnover in the health care industry is on the rise, it’s vital that medical practices retain the quality employees they already have. TriCPS can design effective retention programs for your workforce by utilizing incentives, engagement strategies, and career growth opportunities. These retention efforts will focus not only on doctors and nurses, but also physician assistants, billing personnel, IT professionals, and front office staff.

Let TriCPS give you an advantage in the competitive health care industry by assisting you with your medical staffing needs. To set up a free one-on-one consultation, contact us online or call 954-351-0336.