If you’re in charge of operating your own medical practice, you are undoubtedly an extremely busy person. In addition to seeing and treating patients, you have to schedule staff, balance the books, purchase supplies, comply with ever-changing regulations, and oversee insurance reimbursement. You probably don’t have time to look at the big picture and figure out how to begin growing your medical practice.

You need a physician practice management partner who can take a look at your entire business and come up with ways to increase revenue and expand your patient base. That’s where TriCPS can help.

Effective Business Services

TriCPS is a leader in the healthcare management consultancy industry. We offer a wide array of business services that can help your practice expand – without enduring “growing pains” like understaffing, inefficiency, and miscommunication. Some of these services include:

  • Starting a new medical practice or developing a group practice
  • Valuating your practice in the event you are considering a buy-in or buyout, a merger or acquisition, or sale or recapitalization
  • Strategic business planning to help clarify the direction of your practice
  • Bank financing to obtain capital for your expansion plans
  • Establishing cash flow management strategies and internal cost controls for greater practice efficiency

Operational Assessments

Another key function that TriCPS provides is an operational assessment of your entire practice. By determining the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats which pertain to each area of your practice, we can identify which areas can benefit from restructuring. Our highly-skilled audit teams specialize in workflow analysis and process redesign, and they can make useful suggestions on how you can increase your bottom line. Every TriCPS operational assessment report covers all aspects of your practice and contains specific recommended actions which are prioritized in a way to help maximize the value of your business.

These measures are designed to improve the efficiency of your practice in many different areas, such as increasing patient flow, honing your marketing strategies, and turning accounts receivable into revenue. TriCPS also provides assistance with medical accounting procedures, tax returns, and structural and organizational documentation. Finally, TriCPS can help you set achievable short-term, midrange, and long-term goals; as well as establish benchmarks which help you track your progress as you expand your practice.

If you are interested in growing your Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or West Palm Beach medical practice, or a practice anywhere in the US, you can benefit from the superior medical consulting services offered by TriCPS. Send us a message online or call us at 954-351-0336 to set up a free, one-on-one consultation today.