It seems like every year it gets harder and harder to file your business taxes. There’s a new form to obtain, a new rule for calculating expenses, or a new restriction on one or more of your deductions. Unless you are a certified public accountant, you spend too much time running your business to keep up with all of the changes in tax laws and practices.

That’s why you need a partner who is well-versed in all aspects of tax accounting: TriCPS. We can help your Miami, West Palm Beach, or Fort Lauderdale business, or business anywhere in the United States, navigate through the byzantine processes outlined in the federal and state tax codes. Simply put, TriCPS can focus on all of your tax-related issues while you concentrate on running your business.

Let TriCPS handle your business accounting needs so you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your business taxes are taken care of. To set up a free, one-on-one consultation, contact us online or call TriCPS directly at 954-351-0336.

  • Tax Planning

    The small business tax accountants at TriCPS can provide assistance for your business long before your taxes come due. They can develop tax planning strategies which can be implemented throughout the year, strategies designed to lower your tax liabilities when it’s time to file. By locating tax deductions, embracing tax-exempt investments, or deferring income or expenses until future years, TriCPS can minimize the amount of tax you have to give to Uncle Sam or the state of Florida.

  • Tax Preparation

    Just filling out all of the forms and schedules for tax prep can take countless man-hours, hours that could be spent improving your businesses. Let the small business accountants at TriCPS assemble your tax returns, double-check all computations, and file your taxes electronically so you can receive your refund quicker. TriCPS can even assist you with your personal income taxes as well!

  • Tax Problems

    If the IRS is sending you menacing letters, threatening to audit your business, or otherwise intimidating you, TriCPS will come to your aid. We can help prevent liens, asset seizures, or wage garnishments, and negotiate a settlement which can either decrease your tax obligations or extend the repayment time period, solving your tax problems. TriCPS can also assist you if you owe back taxes or have failed to file tax returns in prior years.

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