As a physician, you know that letting a certified public accountant practice medicine would be a really bad idea. So why should you try to handle tax accounting on your own? You need a highly skilled medical accountant not only to compute and file all of the taxes for your practice, but also to devise strategies to reduce your tax burdens and to deal with any tax-related disputes or problems that may arise. That’s why you should engage the services of the medical accounting professionals at TriCPS.

If your West Palm Beach, Miami, or Fort Lauderdale health care practice, or practice anywhere in the United States, needs assistance with tax planning, preparation, or problems, the medical accountants at TriCPS can help. So don’t try to manage your taxes on your own. Contact TriCPS today online or call us at 954-351-0336 to set up a free consultation.

  • Medical Tax Planning

    A smart physician practice owner knows to address his or her taxes well before they become due. TriCPS can help you develop proactive strategies that will result in a lower tax burden for you and your practice. The accountants at TriCPS pride themselves on keeping up with current changes in tax laws and using that knowledge to benefit their clients. With proper medical tax planning, TriCPS can minimize the amount of money you owe federal, state, and local governments by finding appropriate tax deductions, deferring certain tax liabilities, or investing in tax-exempt financial vehicles.

  • Medical Tax Preparation

    Filling out all of the forms and schedules required to file your corporate, partnership, or fiduciary taxes can be a nightmare. Let the skilled medical CPAs at TriCPS prepare these documents for you. They will gather the necessary paperwork, double-check all calculations, and electronically file your taxes so you can receive your refund quicker. TriCPS will even file your personal income taxes as well, and also identify actions to take so you can lower your tax burden for the following year!

  • Medical Tax Problems

    Even responsible medical practice owners can sometimes incur the scrutiny of the Internal Revenue Service. If you are having trouble dealing with the IRS or other government agencies, TriCPS can navigate the bureaucracy to identify medical tax problems and advocate for your rights if needed. TriCPS has successfully helped numerous businesses who have been overwhelmed by back taxes and penalties, audited by the IRS, or threatened with asset seizure or paycheck garnishment. More importantly, TriCPS has the experience to help reach smaller tax settlements, avoid certain tax liabilities, or negotiate a longer time period to satisfy your obligations.

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