Operating a health care facility not only requires caring, skilled medical staff – it also needs money to become successful. And these financial resources need to be allocated carefully in order to minimize business costs and keep the practice running properly. Unless you’re a practicing CPA, it can be challenging to practice medicine and engage in small business accounting. That’s where TriCPS’s medical accounting services can help. Our highly-trained accountants can organize your balance sheets, oversee your accounts, and implement internal cost controls in order to help your facility operate smoothly. So if you’re exploring various accounting outsourcing services, call TriCPS today. We’ll take care of your bottom line so you can take care of your patients!

If you want TriCPS’s experienced healthcare management consultants to maintain the finances for your medical practice, contact us online today or call us at 954-351-0336.

  • Accounting Services

    No medical practice can be successful if it doesn’t have a handle on its finances. TriCPS can act as your medical accounting service provider by performing functions from general bookkeeping and accounts payable management to cash flow analysis and budgeting reports. With TriCPS, it’s like having your own in-house accountant helping to run your business!

  • Physician Compensation Models

    If your doctors don’t feel that they are being compensated fairly, then they may explore other employment possibilities elsewhere. TriCPS can help retain your medical staff by creating physician compensation models that are tailored specifically to the needs and realities of your practice. We work closely with both management and physicians to formulate practical incentives and build a viable compensation model for your entire organization.

  • Practice Valuation

    TriCPS has years of experience in determining the precise value of medical practices. We examine financial records, analyze your current operations, and strive to understand the core competencies of your business in order to formulate a well-reasoned, defensible valuation. Our practice valuation services can be invaluable to a medical practice that is considering adding new shareholders, negotiating a merger or acquisition, or resolving business disputes or litigation.

  • Medical Payroll

    For most employees, the quickest way to lose their loyalty and lower their morale is to mismanage your payroll. TriCPS boasts a wide array of comprehensive payroll services including paycheck direct deposit, sick day and vacation management, and governmental reporting. We’ll even provide user-friendly reports that break down your human resources spending so you can make better financial decisions regarding your personnel.

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