The goal of everyone at TriCPS is to simplify the experience of running a medical facility. We do this by handling all of the practice-related tasks and procedures that are time-consuming and cumbersome so doctors don’t have to worry about them. When this happens, physicians can concentrate on seeing patients, treating illness and disease, and running the day-to-day operations of the business.

Insurance Credentialing: Simplifying the Process

One of these bureaucratic (but necessary) processes is insurance credentialing for the physicians in the practice. This is the method by which insurance companies certify doctors for treating patients who are covered by the insurer’s health insurance policies. If you’re a physician, insurance credentialing can seem confusing, overwhelming, and a complete waste of time. After all, you know that you are a competent doctor, and you’ve got the medical license to prove it. But in order to receive reimbursements for medical services from these insurers, every doctor who accepts these insurance plans must be vetted and reviewed through the credentialing process.

What is Involved in Insurance Credentialing?

TriCPS is very experienced in navigating the complex insurance credentialing regimens, and we have helped numerous doctors receive requisite approvals from insurers. Some of the aspects of our physician credentialing services include:

  • Compiling all necessary documentation needed for the credentialing applications
  • Requesting and securing credentialing applications
  • Requesting and securing credentialing applications related to the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH)
  • Monitoring all applicable credentialing deadlines
  • Completing and submitting all applications for credentialing
  • Following up on the status of credentialing applications
  • Obtaining all credentialing paperwork needed to begin accepting patients on insurer plans

In many cases, it may become necessary for physicians to be “recredentialed” for a given insurance company. Some insurers do this on a periodic basis for all physicians, while others require it when a doctor adds a specialty or changes jobs or locations. TriCPS can help physicians stay on top of these obligations so that they don’t miss deadlines or violate medical regulations.

TriCPS is Your Insurance Credentialing Medical Consultant

TriCPS knows that mistakes or lost forms can lengthen the insurance credentialing process, which can have an adverse impact on a medical practice. So we stay up-to-date on the credentialing requirements for all the major insurers that write policies in Miami, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and elsewhere in South Florida, as well as throughout the country. If you feel that our medical credentialing services can help the doctors in your health care facility save time and remain focused on patient care, contact TriCPS today by filling out this form online or by calling 954-351-0336.