One of the most serious problems that can befall a medical practice is a skirmish with the Internal Revenue Service. This can result in a rash of threatening letters, a cumbersome battle with a government bureaucracy, and even the accrual of daily interest and penalties. Far too often, these IRS-related issues can hinder, cripple, or even kill a business.

TriCPS Can Save You From the IRS

Physician practices that owe money to the IRS may not be able to see a way out of this dire situation. For these entities, TriCPS can be a lifeline that can lead them out of their predicament.

The medical consultants at TriCPS have many years of experience in dealing with the IRS in an efficient, effective, and discreet manner. We can help your practice if it is suffering from medical tax problems like:

  • a notification that your practice is being audited by the IRS
  • a failure to file multiple years of federal tax returns
  • a substantial accumulation of back taxes
  • one or more unresolved issues relating to payroll taxes
  • a lien being placed on your home
  • a threat from the IRS that your personal property will be seized
  • a threat from the IRS that your bank account and its funds will be seized
  • a threat from the IRS that your paychecks, 401(k) accounts, investments, and retirement accounts will be seized

TriCPS Tax Solutions

In addition, the medical accountants at TriCPS may be able to provide you with solutions that might not be apparent to you. Some of these possible solutions include:

  • obtaining the information which the IRS has collected on your practice
  • reaching a settlement with the IRS so you only have to pay a percentage of your back taxes or penalties
  • negotiating a longer time period for you to satisfy your obligations to the IRS
  • avoiding tax liabilities caused by a spouse that has committed financial misdeeds
  • filing for bankruptcy with the aim of getting out from under your burden completely

The medical CPA professionals at TriCPS have the skills and knowledge to guide you through the convoluted processes erected by the government, negotiate more favorable terms with the IRS, advocate for your rights under the law, and prevent drastic actions by the IRS such as property liens or asset seizures. More importantly, TriCPS can devise a plan that can allow your practice to emerge from financial distress and get back on solid fiscal footing.

So if your practice is being overwhelmed by tax problems, let TriCPS provide you with assistance, strategic planning, and hope for the future. Call TriCPS today at 954-351-0336 or contact us online.